Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Beyond Hurt and Anger: Programming Oneself to Vibrate Healing and Love

This week, a client asked me an interesting question. She was feeling lots of anger, and wondered how I might coach her to program herself to vibrate healing and love. As a software engineer, this idea of "programming oneself to vibrate healing and love," made a lot of sense as a framework for self-work.

Recognizing that human beings are electromagnetic generators, and that the heart is the strongest electromagnetic generator in the body, this task of programming oneself to vibrate healing and love makes a lot of sense. We do emanate what we feel in our hearts and souls. That frequency goes out and can be felt palpably by those within 8 - 10 feet of where we are located, and can be perceived in more subtle ways by those at greater distances.

The more grounded we are in the moment, our hearts and our bodies, the more consciously we can manage our vibration. The safer we feel, and the more embodied we are, the more space we have to breathe, think, feel and generate what we want and care about.

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